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Accommodation on the Reykjanes peninsula

We recognize that traveling in Iceland takes many forms. Some people like all the modern comforts while others are more into roughing it. But what all travellers that travel west have in common is that they want to experience the beauty and magic of the west fjords.

The Reykjanes peninsula has all of these things, from the amazing wildlife and spectacular landscape to the magical geothermal pool that has made us famous.

That is why we strive to offer accommodations to all weary travellers that travel to the west fjords. So if you want a hotel room, hostel accommodations, your own apartment or a place to put up your tent you have come to the right place

And you are most welcome


We offer accommodations to our guests in our 30 double rooms. Complete with wash basins.


There are also four apartments, ideal for families or small groups which can be arranged for long or short time periods. The apartments have 3 to 4 rooms that can take from 6 to 8 people. All apartments are either rented with sheets or for sleeping bags.


At the hostel, we offer sleeping bag accommodations in the old children school. There we have eight rooms with bunk beds, and you can also order extra mattresses. In every room there are 2 to 4 bunk beds.


Our campsite is quite close to the Hotel. To has everything that a good campsite should have, from access to all modern facilities (including the pool) to the closeness to nature that most campers crave


Hotel Reykjanes lies in the bottom of Isafjardardjup in Westfjords, from Reykjavik it’s about 3.5-hour drive. From Isafjord, it’s about 1.5-hour drive.

Here below you can see where Reykjanes is located.


If you have a car then the simplest way is to drive, it’s only 3.5-hour drive from Reykjavik and 1.5-hour drive from Isafjord.

If this is a group then the most fun is to fly to Isafjord and take a boat to Reykjanes.

It’s also fun to rent an airplane, there is an airport located here and airlines are ready to drop by.

You can also check out Distances, there are road distances from most major places in Iceland to Reykjanes.

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