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In Reykjanes we have a very good facilities for conferences and meetings.þ

On the second floor we have a multi pursued four different sized locals hall with many possibilities for events or meetings. One is a normal conference room, another one has a project facility en the third one has a sound proof project facility for each workstation.

Also we have a facilities for small meetings with a seperate project room.

On the bottom floor in the eastside of the building, we have a hall that is perfect for playing music, along with being a danceroom with a bar.

On the same floor we have a kitchen.

On the same floor we also have a conference room with two backrooms and a project facility, ideal for conference and courses managers.

People affiliated with sports can have good use of our fitness station.

For groups of 25 people we can offer a seperate facility with accomodation, a conference room, a sitting lounge, a cooking facility and bathrooms.

So if you plan to have just the one meeting or if you want to have the long weekend with colleges we are equipped to receive you.  


It is very popular to have a family reunion in Reykjanes. The facilities here are very good, the campsite is in a short distance from the hotel and the pool.

You could say that Reykjanes is the perfect place to have a family reunion in Iceland.

After years of experience with these kinds of events, we have made up some rules

  • A mutual dinner on Saturday in the hotel is mandatory.
  • Those who request an accommodation at the hotel, either in the hostel or the hotel have to contact the hotel directly regarding bookings.
  • The hotel doesn’t participate in any way regarding registration for the reunion, only for the accommodation.
  • Bookings for a hall should be done with a good notice along with decision how it should be.
  • Other services Reykjanes has to offer has to be decided and taken care of.
  • Hotel Reykjanes has a liquor license and alcohol is served at the hotel.
  • Hotel Reykjanes has an entertainment license.
  • If you request a campfire you need to apply for a license.
  • Sound system, projector and other things that are needed, should be decided and checked beforehand.

Everything that is mentioned here and needs to be considered before the reunion is to prepare everything so no sudden surprises come up. So bear in mind that this has to be decided long before the reunion is held. Please contact Hotel Reykjanes to get further information about each item.

Weddings and birthdays

In the last few years, there have been more than a handful of weddings and birthday celebrations in Reykjanes. The possibility to have your guests stay with you for a whole weekend appeals to many.

Events like these are all unique and are all handled as such. 

Therefore, we recommend that you contact us well in advance so we can help you make the special day as magical as possible

And it goes without saying that if you reserve the whole Hotel for a magical weekend we have special offers in place. 


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