If you get tired of looking at nature - try battling it

The activities around here are many and diverse

There is never a dull moment on the Reykjanes peninsula, for those who like animals, swimming, nature, hiking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, seal watching, working our in the gym,watching the northern lights or you know in general like life!

Hotel Reykjanes offers a great variety of activities for both the adventurous individual, as well as the more laid back and relaxation orientated traveler.

Back to nature

If horse riding, boat trips, fishing, hiking or wildlife exploration are your cup of tea, the West Fjords will seem like paradise. This is the only place to spot a sea eagle and probably the best place to see the arctic fox in its natural environment. The whole region is teeming with wildlife and unique flora.

Wide open spaces

Dynjandi is the collective name, meaning thunderous, for no less than seven waterfalls that tumble down the hillsides of Arnarfjordur. Spanning a depth of 100 metres in total, the waterfalls have a campsite close by, a perfect setting from which to ponder the power of water. And for hikers, the unmissable stop is

Hornstrandir nature reserve and Latrabjarg

Two of the biggest seabird cliffs in north Atlantic! Latrabjarg is the biggest, the most westerly point of Europe with its cliffs rising to 440m, is home to the biggest gathering of seabirds in the north Atlantic. Hornstrandir, a nature reserve that will leave you breathless. Totally uninhabited during winter, the journey is not for the faint of heart, but the reward for those who get this far is almost indescribable.

These are but a few of the things one can experience around Hotel Reykjanes.


At Hotel Reykjanes, we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature that Iceland has to offer.

Our wildlife includes all manner of creatures; whales, seals, birds and foxes.

Sometimes we can see whales swimming just few meters from the coast, seals are here all year round and the bird life in the spring is utterly magnificent.

A great way of experiencing this; is simply to take a good long walk. And we have a lot of hiking trails, where you can truly experience Iceland’s nature

It’s very popular to take a trip to Hornstrandir from here.

We hope you will visit and see for yourselves!


Iceland is beautiful! And there is hardly any better way to experience it, than from a Kayak.

Clear skies above you, wild natural beauty around you and the mysterious depths beneath you. Kayaking offers a unique perspective to nature watching for the adventures soul.


Delve into the deeps of the Ísafjarðardjúp with our experienced divers. Experience the life beneath the waves.

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