Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.||

The Swimming pool

The local geothermal swimming pool is 50 x 12.5 meters and is located outdoors.

The pool is  heated by self-running hot geothermal water so it stays hot all year around. There is a high fence surrounding most of the pool as  well as parts of the old concrete walls.

There is also a sun platform built above parts of the geothermal pool and the old green steam bath aside the pool. In the swimming pool, we have put benches underneath the water. This has proven to very popular due to the fact that the swimming pool is so hot that it sometimes feels like sitting in a hot tub.

The dressing rooms are right next to the pool, they are large, clean and with good showers.

The swimming pool is always warm and because of that, many travelers that visit Reykjanes, say that it is one of the most effective resting places in the Westfjords, because the fatigue and stress will disappear in the hot water and clean air.


Quite the popular little shed on the premises. The sauna may not look like much from the outside but when on the inside the natural geothermal sauna does wonders for your body and soul. 

The sauna has remained unchanged for the longest of time –  The locals swear by the old green shed (so we don’t mess with the magic)


In Reykjanes we have a good fitness facility with weights and equipment. So if you feel the urge to do some serious weight training or you just feel like working off the some fine food we serve in our restaurant, the gym is there for you

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